Meet Valérie. She's the creative mind behind V Collection.

Meet Solange

She's the NEW creative mind
behind V Collection
As the resident artist of a small workshop providing custom photographic printing, mounting and laminating services, I have seen every imaginable project come and go (and some unimaginable ones as well!) I am always fascinated by all the different mediums, substrates, textures and formats we use to provide clients – mostly professional photographers and artists – with unique and quality displays to highlight their work.
In pursuing V Collection, I wanted to explore some fun and creative ways to help everyone turn their favorite photos into a work of art! This is our unique line of fresh wall décor and photo display products designed to permanently showcase your proudest moments and most cherished memories. Whether it's to dress up your own home or as a gift to someone special, all V Collection products are individually crafted to be as unique as the images they display.


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